My Teaching Philosophy

"A person's a person, no matter how small." –Dr. Seuss

I believe in treating all students with respect.

I believe in treating students equally. This also implies that I will treat students differently according to their needs. As they say, “Success breeds success”, so I will give my students every opportunity to succeed on their own terms.

I believe in extra-curricular activities and field trips. They provide students with an excellent opportunity to learn skills which are not always possible to teach within the classroom.

I believe in fairness. Whether this shows through the implementation of classroom management techniques or in grading methods, all students will be treated fairly.

I believe in making learning meaningful to my students. This means adapting the curriculum to their current social situations as well as religious and cultural backgrounds.

I believe in getting to know my students - strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes - as best I can, so that I may help them to grow.

I believe in giving students a say in what should be learned. This shared control approach gives students a voice in the classroom and makes them feel more comfortable in their environment.

I believe in group work. It is the prefect arena for fostering life-long skills which are transferable to everyday life.

I believe in student-centered, constructivist learning, where students are given responsibility for their own learning.

I believe in teaching cross-curricular lessons.

I believe in implementing goal-oriented lessons. If a lesson does not have a specific objective, what am I trying to teach?

I believe in positivity. No matter what life throws at me, inside the classroom or out, I believe that attitudes are contagious and a positive attitude is always preferable to a negative attitude.

I believe in a positive approach to behaviour management - an approach based on positive reinforcement, recognition and rewards as opposed to negativity and punishment.

I believe in teaching through games. Games get students involved, having fun, and learning more then they even realize. Dr. Seuss said it best - "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how."

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